Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Magic Of Making Up Review

Just when you thought all hope was lost, along comes The Magic of Making Up.  Breaking up with a significant other is listed very high in the Life Stress Scale, and when you are going through it, it feels like nobody understands.

You know that you aren’t thinking clearly, and you know it’s because you have all of these emotions going on, and it feels like if someone just understood what you were feeling, it would start to get better.  This is where the magic begins with The Magic of Making Up. T. W.Jackson, retired U.S. Navy captures the raw emotions you are going through right now, and brings an intuitive guide that will teach you how to turn this boat around.  Even if it feels like you’re on the Titanic.

When you’ve been dumped, the pain of rejection is clouding over every other thought in your mind.  T. W. relates to that by offering a step by step guide out of that pain.  The end game?  To get them back.  But on the journey, he helps you back to feeling like your old self again.

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The program offered by T. W. can be compared to navigating the stages of grief, which is exactly what you are doing.  It’s also comparable to a twelve step program where you wean yourself off of the addictive negative feelings.  The first step is to cut off all contact with your ex in every way shape or form, and go through a 30 day detox period of sorts to just slowly get your mind off things.

It would be a painful process to anybody detoxing from someone they love, but T. W.’s methods are not just ninja techniques, and that’s exactly what he said from the get to anybody so nobody should be surprised.  He offers some practical albeit cold hard truths in some cases, but it might be exactly what you need to hear when they are facing the aftermath of a harsh dump.

What is impressive in the program is that every contingency plan is covered in a step by step way.  All of the questions that are burning in your mind are answered, and he even teaches you exactly what to do or say in a variety of specific situations.  There is no guessing here.  You will go through the steps, from stage one to stage four, and discover methods for coping with the challenges along the way like the clean slate method, the second chance letter, the instant reconnect method, and the fast forward technique.

How This Book Will Help You

The sales page website for this book captures the essence of “you gotta do what you gotta do” to get him back.  The Magic of Making Up promises to work through all of the agonizing questions and emotions that you are going through right now.  This book promises benefits like how to get your head on straight, how to know if they still care, why the relationship ended in the first place, how to get him back even if he’s started dating again, how and when to apologize, and when not to, and methods like the Fast Forward Technique, Instant Reconnect, and so much more.

You will even find questions answered that you didn’t even know you had in the first place.

The book helps you get inside the mind of your partner, and offer you the tools you need to use that information to turn your relationship around.  If you are like me, you are looking for material that will help you feel better about your breakup, and find ways to turn things back around.  That is the basic concept of The Magic of Making Up System.

What I Liked

T.W. Jackson presents the cold hard truth exactly as he sees it, and this may be uncomfortable for some readers in such an emotionally charged state.  You will however relate to his voice in getting through this agonizing time, when it is so easy to feel so alone.  T. W. offers counter intuitive perspectives that will give clarity to your situation, and make the possibility of getting back together feel more realistic.  It is not just theory being presented with this book, but hope, which probably feels like a lost commodity to you right now.

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My Concerns

In step one of the program, Jackson focuses on getting your personal appearance back together, and discusses tips on fashion, diet, and the like.  I felt there may have been more emphasis on this content than necessary, as this was standard information I would be able to get anywhere online.  As well, this book seemed more targeted for men, although it did go back and forth between chapters, and this might make the principles a little too broad based as not every principle or strategy could work on both genders all the time.

Quality of Testimonials Provided

There were a LOT of testimonials provided, but ever the skepticist I kept looking. One way I cross referenced this was by going over to You Tube to see some of this infamous authors work first hand.  A LOT of good testimonials there, take the good with the bad, but this book has worked The Magic of Making Up for many men and women.

Bottom Line, Is it Worth it?

The book was priced well at $39 and came with a 60 Day Guarantee, which is a nice insurance policy to have given the nature of the situation.  The sales page does say you could have your ex back within seven days, so having a 60 Day cushion to try and work that out is definitely a fair guarantee.  No bonuses included in the program, but the book itself was comprehensive enough for the topic at hand.

Final Thoughts – Two Thumbs Up, 4.5 out of 5 hearts

From the dumping to the date, it’s all covered on how to recover in The Magic of Making Up.  If you are dealing with a breakup and need something that you can relate to and that will get you out of this stage step by step, The Magic of Making Up will do exactly that in the cold, hard truth without the hug.

The Magic of Making Up System is a long term system though, and offers breakthrough strategies that can bring lasting results and reunions in love.  Where it lost in hearts was in its generic style to either gender, thus these methods may not work in all scenarios across genders.  As a woman reading it, I was looking for solutions targeted toward us girls.

However where it lacked gender focus, it made up for it in a step by step program that still answers more questions in the breakup process than today’s standard relationship advice.

If you feel like your situation is hopeless, or just want a refreshed perspective on their current relationship, The Magic of Making Up is a must read.

The Magic Of Making Up